Sir William Petty, 1674- Letters to John Aubrey

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Adele Mellen Prize
This book gives a fictional-style voice to the entrepreneur William Petty (1623-1687) who provided information about his life ad hoc to John Aubrey. The letters are dated back to 1674, a time when Petty was on good terms with the Stuart brothers and the cognoscenti of the era, such as examples are Isaac Newton, Robert Hooke and Christopher Wren.


“The personal nature of these letters is fascinating. The post-Reformation examination and the countering by Catholic Rome are issues which I found intellectually stimulating. . . Petty was able to contrast the different strata’s of his own life based on his own experiences from which he rises. The book reminded me of being very Dickensian in its anecdotal approach to events that surrounded [Petty’s] life.” – Dr. Glen Reynolds

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