Sin, Crime and Retribution in Early Latin America a Translation and Critique of Sources: Lope De Aguirre, Francisco De Carvajal, Juan Rodríguez Freyle

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Organized aggression and conquest have always provided violent men with an opportunity to commit atrocities, and this applies to the Spanish Conquest of the Americas. In Peru, two names overshadow all acts of violence by reason of exceptional, systematic, continuous and paranoic expressions of evil: Lope de Aguirre and Francisco de Carvajal. Aguirre's crimes appalled his tough contemporaries, and inspired writers and writers and filmmakers of later generations. (Werner Herzog's 1973 cinematographic classic Wrath of God is based on his life.) Francisco de Carvajal, in four short years, left a trail of atrocities, murders, corruption and robberies that earned him the name "Demon of the Andes." In Bogotá, Juan Rodríguez Freyle set down a chronicle of lawlessness, greed, murder, passions, intrigue, and corruption and the often criminal behavior of the guardians of the law and judicial inspectors.
Throughout this volume, the translator has chosen to let the eyewitnesses and secondary sources tell the stories.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:

1.MURDER AND MAYHEM: Lope de Aguirre and the Amazon Expedition (1560-1561); Map, Introduction, A Brief Sequence of Events, The Sources, Translated Source Material; The Texts (Eyewitness Reports, Second-hand Materials); Glossary, Bibliography

2.THE DEMON OF THE ANDES: Francisco de Carvajal Portrayed in Chronicles: Introduction; Chronology of Carvajal's Years in Peru (1536-1548); Brief Introduction to the Authors; The Texts; Bibliography

3.TALES FROM BOGOTÁ: Passages from the 17th Century Pen of Juan Rodríguez Freyle: Introduction; Text, Glossary, Appendix

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