Selected Writings of Hiram Bingham (1814-1869), Missionary to the Hawaiian Islands to Raise the Lord's Banner

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Excerpts from the correspondence, never before published, of this pioneer missionary to Hawaii who played such a controversial role in the Islands' history. Records the crucial period when much of the indigenous leadership chose to convert to Christianity and may correct the generally negative caricature that survives in 19th- and 20th-century depictions of Bingham's work (such as Michener's Hawaii).


"Bingham's role as the organizer and shaper of the American Protestant missionary presence in the Hawaiian Islands has indeed become larger than life. Char Miller's book allows the reader another window onto the man through his letters, occasional writings, and journal as well as letters and a journal by his wife Sybil." - Journal of the Early Republic

"An introductory essay by the editor, historian Char Miller, is itself a valuable interpretation of Bingham in his context. By this publication Miller has filled in one of the gaps in the all-too-sparse primary sources for the early Pacific missions." - Faith and Mission

". . . devotees of the Binghams must be grateful. Many will now wish to read, or re-read, Char Miller's Fathers and Sons. The first Hiram Bingham raised `the Lord's banner' in Hawai'i, along with the second banner of `disinterested benevolence.' His descendants have been raising the second banner, if not the first, ever since. The impulse lives on." - The Hawaiian Journal of History

"To teach mission history it is necessary to have easy access to volumes like this one, which bring together from a wide variety of sources letters and papers that reveal different and important facets of key figures in the missionary movement. . . . an i

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