Selected Poems of Anghel Dumbraveanu in Romanian and English Love and Winter

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This dual-language volume is the first book-length presentation in the United States of the major works of this celebrated poet. Anghel Dumbraveanu has been one of his country's most important writers over the last three decades. Winner of numerous awards and author of twenty-five volumes of poetry, prose, and translations, he also edits a new literary and culture journal, The Timisoara Meridian, which he founded after the 1989 revolution.


"In their Selected Poems of Anghel Dumbraveanu, translators Sorkin and Pana add a highly attractive and useful text. . . . The best of them (e.g., "Horses of Time," "Heralds," "Invisible Frontiers, "Lines Promised to Winter") capture the ease and inevitability of the originals. . . . a welcome addition to Romanian translation efforts. The cultural silence in post-war Eastern Europe is wonderfully diminished by the music the translators have discovered in this poet's voice." -- Translation Review

"The bilingual text, an excellent brief presentation of Romanian contemporary poetry by the editor Adam Sorkin, and a dialogue between poet and editor in which Dumbraveanu communicates some of his thoughts on poetry and poetry writing make this a scholarly presentation and offer the reader the pleasure of discovering an unfamiliar language through its poetry." -- World Literature Today

"The quality of the present volume makes it an important contribution that should be appreciated by all those interested in Romanian culture. The volume contains a useful introduction by Adam Sorkin that is informative for both specialists and non-specialists, presenting the author and his work. . . . The translations of Adam Sorkin and Irina Grigorescu Pana are first rate, expressing both the style and spirit of the original texts. The fact that this is a bilingual edition is to be applauded for it gives readers of Romanian the opportunity to compare the original texts with the English versions, revealing the high quality of the translations." - Romanian Civilization

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