Polish Poetry From the Soviet Gulags: Recovering a Lost Literature

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A translation of 25 poems that chronicle an under researched period of Polish history. This book contains seven color photographs and one black and white photograph.


“These poems of Polish exile are not important just to the Polish, or as “proof” of Soviet abuses, but because they serve as a reminder to all human societies of the collective guilt of human cruelty and the consequences of cultural and racial hegemony. . . . We can, and should, learn lessons from these poems by a suppressed and abused people at the hands of an aggressive twentieth-century superpower, and remember, and commemorate, the abuses of not just Polish people, but other helpless and hapless groups who have been, and continue to be, targeted by heartless regimes.” – Prof. Josephine A. McQuail, Tennessee Technological University

“. . . a fine service to the memory of those victims of this painful episode in Polish history.” – Prof. Joseph A. Kotarba, University of Houston

“[The translators] beautifully manage to render Polish rhythm into English verse. [They] successfully translate[s] human pain.” - Prof. Ewa Chru?ciel, Colby-Sawyer College

Table of Contents

Foreword: Tragedy Inspires Poetry – Josephine McQuail
Introduction: A Forbidden Subject – Halina Ab?amowicz
Siberian Exile in Polish History – Marek Jan Chodakiewicz
Keeping Memory Alive: My Mother’s Story of Surviving Siberian Exile - Halina Ab?amowicz
The Siberian Exile in Poetry – Translated by Halina Ab?amowicz and Kevin Christianson(Polish text followed by the English translation)
Na Sybir / On the Way to Sybir – Zofia Metelicka
Refleksje Sybiraka / Reflections of A Siberian Deportee – Zbigniew Czerepowicki
W Sybirskiej Chacie / In My Siberian Hut – Anna Rudawcowa
Chleba Naszego Powszedniego / Our Daily Bread - Zofia Metelicka
Do?? Ju? Karania / Enough of this Punishment – Józefa Auterhoff
T?sknota / Longing - Zofia Metelicka
Pozdrowienie / Greetings - Zofia Metelicka
Dla Mojej Matki – Anna Lubasz
O Ziemio Syberyjska / Oh Land of Siberia – Wac?awa Batowska
Do Braci / To My Fellow Poles - Anna Rudawcowa
Modlitwa z Tajgi / Prayer from Taiga – Anonymous
Niewola / Captivity – Maria Niwi?ska
Niezabudki / Forget-Me-Nots - Maria Niwi?ska
Samotna Mogi?a / Lonely Grave - Zofia Metelicka
Syberyjska Jesie? / Siberian Autumn - Zofia Metelicka
Sybirska Kol?da / Siberian Carol - Anna Rudawcowa
Trzynasty Kwietnia / April 13 - Zofia Metelicka
Sybir Mi W?osy Wysrebrzy? / The Siberian Exile has Silvered My Hair - Józefa Auterhoff
Za Winy Niepope?nione / For Sins Not Committed - Anna Lubasz
Zima / Winter - Maria Niwi?ska
Suplikacje / Supplications – Beata Oberty?ska
Wigilia / Wigilia - Maria Niwi?ska
Polskie Dzieci z Ko?ymy / Polish Children of Kolyma – Pawe? Kalinowski
13 Kwiecie? / April 13 - Anna Rudawcowa
10 Luty 1940 Rok / February 10 Year 1940 – Helena Bartoszewska

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