Moscow Phystech - Education at the Threshold of the 21st Century Reflections and Reminiscences of the Prominent Scientists

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Moscow Phystech undoubtedly took its place as one of the best technical universities of the 20th century. Its system, its educational methods, its alumnae exerted great impact on a global scale on the world of science and education. This unique publication collects together the reflections and reminiscences of the creators of Phystech : P.L. Kapitza, S.A. Khristianovich, I.F. Petrov, O.M. Belotserkovskii, N.V. Karlov, B. V. Raushenbakh, V.E. Fortov and others. The photographs of A.Schuka and A. Bezdudny reflect the crucial moments of the half-century history of Phystech. The book will be a must for all interested in the phenomenon of Moscow Phystech, and the application of its experience to education in the 21st century.

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