Selected Papers and Biography of Charles Henry Turner (1867-1923), Pioneer in the Comparative Animal Behavior Movement

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Dr. Charles Henry Turner uncovered new species; contributed several of the early anatomical studies of crayfish and bird brains; developed new methodologies (several of which are still used today); contributed literature reviews; clarified several behavioral and methodological issues in the areas of tropisms, memory, and behavioral ecology; and was the first to provide experimental evidence that certain insects can hear airborne sounds. He was also a leader in the early struggle for civil rights where he repeatedly stressed the view that equality can only occur through a sustained and rigorous program of education. This volume will not only be useful to students of behavioral science, but also to historians of psychology, zoology, entomology, and African-American history. The volume contains biographic information and illustrations, a broad selection of Turner’s papers, both on behavioral science and race relations, and bibliographic information.

Table of Contents

Section 1: Biographical Information
· Foreword (D. A. Dewsbury)
· Charles Henry Turner: Significant Events and Unanswered Questions (C. I. Abramson, Latasha D. Jackson, and Camille L. Fuller)
· A Snapshot of the Troy-Turner Clan: Past and Present (C. H. Turner II and T. Small-Turner)
· Charles Henry Turner: An Appreciation (A. G. Pohlman)
· Dr. Charles Henry Turner (P. Rau)
· The Maroon and White: In Memoriam

Section 2: Selected Writings of Charles Henry Turner (27 papers on entomology, animal behavior, race relations)

Section 3: List of Papers and Supplementary Readings
· Papers Published by C. H. Turner
· Supplemental Readings About C. H. Turner

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