Schleiermacher’s Construction of the Subject in the Introduction to the Christian Faith in Light of M. Foucault’s Critique of Modern Knowledge

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Examines Schleiermacher's understanding of the self in relation to contemporary postmodernism.


“Stein’s book is a fascinating and engaging contribution to religious and theological studies that should provoke serious discussions. By examining Schleiermacher’s understanding of the self in relation to contemporary postmodernism, he overcomes the many sterile, abstract, and false contrasts between modern and postmodern theology.” – Francis Schussler Fiorenza, Stillman Professor, Harvard University

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface; Introduction
1. Revolution in Dogmatic Language
2. Schleiermacher’s Construction of Subjectivity: Elaborated in View of Postmodern Critiques of the Modern Subject
3. The Confusion of Discourse: An Answer to Four Misinterpretations
4. In Excess of Modernity: Convergences in Schleiermacher and Foucault on Subjectivity
5. In Excess of Postmodernity: Divergences in Schleiermacher and Mark. C. Taylor on Subjectivity
6. Conclusion
Epilogue: If Augustine Were to Speak Today

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