Sacred Geography of the American Mound-Builders

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". . . establishes the Amerindian burial experience as essential to understanding all neolithic religious customs. . . . one of those remarkable books that provides an overview of an entire field in non-technical language." - Continuum

"Unlike many overreaching theories about prehistoric Amerindian religion, Korp's arguments are based on every point on a careful assessment of the evidence and its limits. The book includes a good selection of technical illustrations, a very useful bibliography, and an appendix . . . Recommended for all libraries with collections in Native American archaeology." - Choice

"In this well-developed research, K[orp] reconstructs, with clarity and enthusiasm, the sacred universe of these early mound-building peoples, but is always careful not to overstep what can be clearly deduced from the rare pre-contact data available to researchers. . . . offers a critical analysis of earlier studies on the mound-building cultures and provides us with twenty-eight well-chosen illustrations. This is an excellent study on the palaeo-Indians with sober but significant conclusions." - Église et Théologie

". . . a fascinating addition to the growing literature on similar traditions around the prehistoric world. Her exploration of the theme is not only sensitive to the rich ideologies of native Americans, but also thought-provoking for studies elsewhere." - Journal of Prehistoric Religion

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