Place Names in the Midwestern United States

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The Midwest is unique because of the particular patterns of exploration and settlement history of the region. The volume explores the geographical place names which form layers covering the landscape. The original layer, made up of aboriginal names, is widespread. A second layer is provided by the earliest European explorers, particularly the French missionaries and voyageurs who entered the Midwest from Canada in the 17th century. Americans followed, and much of the Midwest was settled and named shortly after the War of 1812.
This is the first volume in a new Mellen series Studies in Onomastics, under the general editorship of Dr. Leonard Ashley.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Some French Place Names in Wisconsin (Frederic G. Cassidy)
Naming the Dakotas (Thomas J. Gasque)
Place Name Patterns in McDonough County, Illinois (Timothy C. Frazer and June M. Frazer)
Names for the County Seat (Raven I. McDavid, Jr.)
Peoria (George H. Scheetz)
Some Observations on Indian Place Names in Wisconsin (Virgil J. Vogel)
The Pronunciation of Illinois (Allen Walker Read)
Voyageur Place Names on the Great Lakes (Bernard C. Peters)
The Great Vowel Shift in Chicago (Thomas J. Creswell)
Names of Illinois Counties and County Seats (Eric Hamp and Virginia McDavid)
Some Indiana Place Name Leftovers (Kelsie B. Harder)
But Never Onionville: Chicago’s Nicknames (Betty J. Irwin)
The Names of Kane County, Illinois (Laurence E. Seits)
North Central States Bibliography of Place Name Literature (Margaret S. Powell, Hilary L. Jones, and Stephen D. Powell)

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