Russia During the Period of Radical Change, 1992-2002

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This book is focused on current economic, political and cultural affairs in Russia. It is hoped that students of international politics in general and all avid Russia-watchers will acquire from this volume a better grasp of what is going on there, and what we might expect to see in Russia in the foreseeable future. Important events of Russian history are presented, the knowledge of which is necessary in order to assess the present situation in Russia. The following treatment is not a full inventory of events. Rather, it is a summary of what is commonly known to Russians and should be known to every student of Russian politics and culture.


“Part of the problem with political scientists studying Russia is a tendency to fill the informational void with abstract theories ... Dr. Yury Polsky tries to fill this informational gap with both first-hand knowledge of the land of his birth and native access to Russian-language sources. This is a welcome volume that synthesizes much material. His time period covers from late Gorbachev to early Putin, precisely what is now needed. His scope includes a brief history, sketches of Russia’s main political figures, the economy, ethnic problems, democracy in Russia, and foreign policy. More important, Dr. Polsky’s insights lend a feeling of looking at the process as an insider, or, even better, as an ex-insider. He does not shy away from some of the less-pretty aspects of Russian politics and culture.” – Professor Michael G.Roskin, Lycoming College

“ ... This is a well organized, logically organized, effectively argued scholarly work. The author’s personal and professional knowledge of Russia during the period of radical change is thorough ... He makes extensive use of memoirs, opinion magazines, and news reporting and effectively prefaces his various treatments of present conditions with appropriate historical backgrounding. He presents both sides of an issue. His own conclusions, interpretations, and opinions are objectively and forthrightly stated ... This is a readable book: it is comprehensible to undergraduate students and general readers with an interest in Russia or the world without offending either their intelligence or the sensibilities of professional scholars. Russian affairs teachers should be made aware of this book’s value as required reading.” – Lauren G. Leighton, Professor Emeritus, University of Illinois-Chicago, and Moscow Pedagogical University

Table of Contents

Introduction: Modern Russia
1. The Political Parties and Leaders in Modern Russia
2. The Crisis of the Russian Economy

3. Ethnic Problems
4. Is Russia a Democracy?
5. Major Trends of Russian Foreign Policy
6. Russian Culture

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