Role of the Russian Orthodox Church in Russia Since 1990: Changing Dynamics of Politics and Religion

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This study examines the arguments and the role of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) in Russian society as they appear in the mass media. It provides an overview of some of the main arguments that are currently being discussed. This is important within the current context and debate of the role that is played by Orthodoxy in contemporary Russian society. The importance of which is elevated during times of uncertainty with regards to the role and identity of Russia and Russians in the modern world.


“. . . a serious piece of work done by an expert, who has analyzed a lot of material on the modern history of the Russian Orthodox Church and its influence on the social-political life of Russia and its citizens. . . . will help many researchers . . . find out more about the influence of the religious factor on policy in Russia . . .” – Dr. Sergey A. Mozgovoy Institute for the Freedom of Conscience

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr Sergey Mozgovoy
1. Great Russia and Cultural Production
2. Links Between Church and State Under Putin
3. Picture of a Patriarch – Alexei II
4. The Church’s Role in Contemporary Russian Society
5. Stance on Societal Values and Ideals
6. Church and Art – Conflict and Cooperation?
7. Ghosts from the Past
8. Keeping the Russian Federation Orthodox
9. Bringing the World Orthodox Community Together Again
Appendix One
Appendix Two

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