Romantic Hero and Contemporary Anti-Hero in Polish and Czech Literature Great Souls and Grey Men

Author: Kraszewski, Charles


"It represents an extremely ambitious attempt at treating, selectively, the two modern literatures, and is done with great exactness and sensitivity where both Polish and Czech traditions are concerned. . . . he has been successful in making the two literatures come alive through this selective approach, and, at the same time, supplying a historical dimension in the form of developmental continuity." - William E. Harkins

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface by Prof. Rio Preisner
The Romantic Hero:
Adam Mickiewicz - Dziady
Juliusz Slowacki - Król-Duch
Karel Hynek Mácha - Máj
Josef Kajetán Tyl - Jan Hus
Romantic Reactions and Developments:
Juliusz Slowacki - Kordian
Zygmunt Krasinski - Nie-Boska Komedia
Cyprian Kamil Norwid - Quidam
Karel Havlícek Borovsky - Tyrolské elegie
Karel Jaromír Erben - Svatební kosile
Bozena Nemcová - Babicka
The Contemporary Anti-Hero
Witold Gombrowicz - Trans-Atlantyk
Stanislaw Baranczak - Sztuczne oddychanie
Zbigniew Herbert - Pan Cogito; 'Potwór Pana Cogito'
Jan Zahradnícek - Znamení moci
Vladimír Holan - Noc s Hamletem
Václav Havel - Vyrozumení
Bibliography & Index