Gospel of Matthew with Patristic Commentaries

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This translation of The Gospel of Matthew with its Greek and English parallel text format and appendix of Patristic Commentary is intended to offer the reader a glimpse into the past of the church – its first seven centuries, to be exact – the Apostolic, Subapostolic, and Patristic periods, which attract Christians of all persuasions like a lodestone.


“. . . provides a careful and clearly focused introduction to both the problems of historical evidence and the scholarly arguments concerning the Gospel’s authorship. . . . By combining the Gospel with its early commentators, this reveals itself as a scholarly and yet user-friendly sourcebook for the spiritual reading of the Gospel of Matthew. It does not set out to oppose or undo the conclusions of modern biblical research, but to supplement then with the recovery of an older and different manner of biblical commentary, one that has much to say to the hunger of the present age.” – Lawrence Boadt, CSP

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface by Rev. Prof. Lawrence Boadt, CSP; Dedication; Introduction; The Gospel of Matthew – Greek and English Texts in Parallel; Translator’s Notes; Patristic Commentaries; the Church Fathers – Biographical Notes; Index; Bibliography

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