Role of Time Consciousness in Lifelong Learning

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This study proposes a critical philosophy and a creative strategy for rethinking the entire field of adult education. Five basic areas of concern are addressed: (1) implications of radical change for education, (2) the primacy of time for understanding change, (3) the need to temporarily restructure adult education, (4) the movement toward continuous education, and (5) fundamental questions about time and education. Rather than argue a philosophical position, this work attempts to open a new way to think about adult education and lifelong learning. Specifically, this analysis outlines a dynamic philosophical framework that structures the temporal geography of the adult world and functions as a critical tool for both theory and practice in adult education.


“ … This remarkable book smoothly and intelligently weaves together aspects of time, adulthood, and metaphor in adult education. The resulting tapestry exhibits intricacies of congruence of ontology, methodology and epistemology in a way that defies conventional thinking, both in Europe and North America. Dr. Keith Krasemann thoughtfully brings forth deep awareness of philosophy and especially phenomenology on one hand, and knowledge of adult education on the other, to cause us to rethink our purposes and hopes.” – (from the Foreword) Professor Paul J. Ilsley, Northern Illinois University

“Professor Krasemann addresses the implications of radical change for education and the primacy of time for understanding change. He also makes the case for the need to temporally restructure adult education as a movement towards continuous education that deals with the questions about time and education … [his] metaphorical analysis of time and adulthood serves to restore the value of learning for its own sake, empowers learners to new levels of critical consciousness, establishes holistic perspectives and directs change in ways that make the human world qualitatively better.” – Professor William H. Young III, University of South Florida

“In this thoughtful and thought-provoking treatise, Dr. Keith Krasemann offers a philosophical framework for adult education to help people navigate through dynamic and continuous change in our complex society … he challenges adult education to help our citizens learn to think critically, creatively, and with caring. His novel integration of philosophy and adult education offers fodder for students, scholars, and practitioners to realize a commitment to lifelong learning.” – Professor Catherine Marienau, DePaul University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Paul J. Ilsley
1. Metaphorical Analysis of Time and Adulthood
2. The Relevance of Time Consciousness To Adult Education
3. Time and Experience: Four Phenomenological Views of Time Consciousness
4. Understanding Metaphor
5. A Metaphorical Analysis of Time
6. The Application of Time and Metaphor To Adult Education And Lifelong Learning
7. Restructuring Education For Being-Becoming-Belonging
8. Appendices