Krasemann, Keith W.

Dr. Keith W. Krasemann is emeritus Professor of Philosophy at College of DuPage. Since 2000, he has also been Visiting Lecturer at DePaul University’s School for New Learning. He received a Doctorate in Education (Northern Illinois University) and Master's degrees in Liberal Arts (University of Chicago), Philosophy (Northern Illinois University), Applied Professional Studies (DePaul University). In addition, he was a Fulbright Professor in China and completed post graduate programs at Beijing University, Harvard and the University of Chicago. Dr. Krasemann has authored or edited seven books and published numerous articles.

Role of Time Consciousness in Lifelong Learning
2007 0-7734-5534-5
This study proposes a critical philosophy and a creative strategy for rethinking the entire field of adult education. Five basic areas of concern are addressed: (1) implications of radical change for education, (2) the primacy of time for understanding change, (3) the need to temporarily restructure adult education, (4) the movement toward continuous education, and (5) fundamental questions about time and education. Rather than argue a philosophical position, this work attempts to open a new way to think about adult education and lifelong learning. Specifically, this analysis outlines a dynamic philosophical framework that structures the temporal geography of the adult world and functions as a critical tool for both theory and practice in adult education.

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