Role of Swine Symbolism in Medieval Literature Blanc Sanglier

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The pig has probably evoked more unexplained extremes of human emotions than any other animal. What are the possible origins of the symbolism attached to this animal? Has it ever been viewed differently? In a light tone, with alliteration and bantering humor, many original theories are presented to show how our western heritage subconscious associations toward the pig have developed.


". . . it is a serious book, and a work of loving dedication, care, and assiduity. The vast trawl through classical, Germanic, Celtic, and other sources ensures that everyone's favorite pigs are here somewhere, from the winged pig of Gullinbursti to Richard III's 'Blanc Sanglier.' Some of them appear in unexpected contexts. . . . we learn something new about Troilus's dream of the boar embracing Criseyde: "This scene puts the final seal on the failed experiment of the winged pig" (p.41). Chaucerians will want to buy the book to find out why. . . . Everything one would want in the way of raw material on the subject is here somewhere. . . and there is an excellent index and a probably exhaustive bibliography of pig literature." -- Derek Pearsall in Studies in the Age of Chaucer

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