Richard Wagner's Spiritual Pilgrimage

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Chapter headings include: Early Spiritual Dimensions; Reflection of Mind and Soul (The Flying Dutchman, Tannhäuser, Lohengrin); "Jesus of Nazareth"; Encounters with the Esoteric (Hafiz and The Ring of the Nibelung; Schopenhauer and Tristan and Isolde; The Influence of Meister Eckhart); To Parsifal; Beyond Parsifal.


"Professor Aberbach, in this book, takes on the challenge left by Richard Wagner over 100 years ago and seems to become his kindred spirit. Every thoughtful reader will now have an enhanced appreciation and understanding of what emanates from the stage during a performance of his music dramas. They will have discovered that extra dimension which will place them within the mind and soul of not only the characters but also of Richard Wagner himself." - from the Foreword by Kenneth P. Regier, QC, President of the Vancouver Wagner Society

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