Cesar Franck--Composer, Teacher, Organist: A Guide to Research

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"The materials examined in the present study represent an overview of the scholarship regarding the life and music of Cesar Franck (1822-1890) as well as selected sources associated with nineteenth century French music in general. Studies pertaining to other composers and musical genres connected with Franck have been included to offer the researcher more extensive information regarding the composer's life and times. This monograph is not meant to be an exhaustive collection of material, but rather it consists of a cross section of what has been written about the composer, his music, and the history surrounding him. The purpose of this resource tool is to facilitate further research and deeper inquiry into Franck as a composer, teacher, and organist in addition to his influence upon music history through his works." (Dr. Timothy Flynn, "Preface") [This is a revised version of the book published by Pendragon Press in 2019].

Table of Contents

Introduction: Cesar Franck: Composer, Teacher, Organist
Franck as Composer
Frank as Teacher
Franck as Organist
Current State of Franck Research
Annotated Bibliography
Selected General Studies
Biographical Sources: Primary and Secondary
Specific Compositions and Genres
Specialized Studies
Appendix A: Selected Musical Manuscript Sources
Appendix B: Selected Correspondence
Appendix C: Selected Discography

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