Reverend William Proudfoot and the United Secession Mission in Canada

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This is the only study written of the United Presbyterians in Canada. It surveys the role and significant contributions of a Scottish Church in early 19th-century Upper Canada's (Canada West's) society and politics. It examines the place of the Secession Church in Canadian religious history and assesses the importance of Proudfoot's contribution. In particular, his views on the Church as being too Scottish and his attempts to make it more "Canadian" are considered. Shows how his faith shaped his view of politics and society and his conception of the role of the Church in Canadian society.


". . . provides fascinating insights into the mission and church planting strategies of the Secession Church as it made the transition from Scotland to frontier Ontario. . . . The research is fresh with balanced interpretations and a useful bibliography." - Calvin Theological Journal

"As one reads the work one soon realises how much he has brought into it. . . . the author has presented a very able and enlightening story of the work and accomplishments of one of Scotland's secession churches under the leadership of an able theologian namely William Proudfoot." -- Reformed Theological Review

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