Revelation and Religion Studies in the Theological Interpretation of Religious Types

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This book (originally published in 1952) contains much which can be useful in developing a dialogue with current scholarship to construct a contemporary theology of Religion. Farmer analyzes the essential elements of the Christian experiences of God, putting forth his theory of ‘substantival' religion and ‘adjectival' religion.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:


The Contemporary Relevance of H. H. Farmer's Revelation of Religion by Dr. Christopher Partridge

1.Natural Theology and Christian Philosophy

2.The Problem of Classification

3.The Normative Concept of Religion as defined by Christian Worship

4.The Normative Concept of Religion as defined by Christian Worship

5.Primitive Religion and Polytheism

6.The Religion of Absolute Dependence; The Religion of Ideal Values; The Religion of Introversion

7.The Religion of Obligation; Eudaemonistic Religion

8.The Corporate and Dynamic Elements in Religion

9.The Elements of Withdrawal and Fulfilment in Religion

10.The Element of Unification in Religion

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