Researching Indonesia - A Guide to Political Analysis

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“This book lays out a carefully-argued case for the contemporary relevance - indeed, for the urgency - of greater scholarly attention to the political study of Indonesia. In an engaging and no-nonsense style, political scientist Gerald Houseman locates his case on the broader stage of Indonesian studies generally by drawing on the scholarly insights about that nation from anthropologists, economists, and historians, among others. The author's transdisciplinary approach coupled with his admirable attention to the practicalities of researching and publishing about Indonesia, make this a volume that aspiring Indonesianists in many disciplines would do well to consult.” - Professor James F. Eder, Director, Program for Southeast Asian Studies, Arizona State University

“Professor Houseman achieves what he sets out to do by joining the substance and methods of Indonesian political studies. But he also provides useful guidelines of a practical nature, a comprehensive annotated bibliography, and the most updated information possible. I highly recommend this effort because it sets a new standard for the Southeast Asian field." -Ardeth Maung Thawnghmung, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts - Lowell

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