Repertorium Siglorum Acronyms and Abbreviations in Philology and Related Subjects Abreviaturas Usadas En Los Antiguos Estudios Sigles Et Abréviations En Études Anciennes Et Dans Les Sujets Connexes Vol. 2

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This book is a response to a need often expressed by both students and researchers in philology, classical studies, and related fields in the humanities. Indeed, it is scarcely possible to read an article, whether in a scholarly journal or daily newspaper, without coming up against an incredible number of initialisms, abbreviations, or acronyms. This 2-volume work, in modern dictionary form, gives as exhaustive a list as possible of the abbreviations used, and appends useful information: the author’s name, the place and date of publication, and other relevant details. Entries containing non-Roman characters (such as Cyrillic or Slavic) are transliterated and also given in their original languages. Journals that list their titles in several languages on their title pages are listed by each of those titles. Over 27,000 acronyms and abbreviations appear here.


"Tremblay's curious set is a dictionary of periodical title acronyms and abbreviations in philology and related fields. The work's parallel title and introduction suggest that it is a reference work for classical philology, and while it is certainly strong in that field, the journal titles included go considerably beyond that narrow range. There are 54 related fields, ranging from agriculture to zoology and including a number of jarring proximities such as glass-making and Gnosticism, navigation and necrology, smelting and speleology, and textiles and theology&.Graduate students; faculty." - CHOICE

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