Religion and Society in Transition. The Church and Social Change in England, 1560-1850

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A study of the interrelation between the history of the Christian Church in England and England's social history during the period of transition from medieval to modern society.


". . . an historical case-study in the sociology of religion. . . . There is much talk today about the privatization of religion. What Ernest Best has done is to give us a particular instance of the process in all its concrete, historical detail. For that reason his account is invaluable and most instructive." - Sciences Religieuses - Studies in Theology

"Throughout his work Best demonstrates admirably how religious belief, religious structures, and religious action are imbedded in their social context. This is religion as a reflection of social conditions. Combined with this constant is the concomitant assertion, represented thematically by the work of F. D. Maurice, that religion reveals its critical or prophetic dimension by breaking with dominant socio-structural trends and offering alternatives. Such a balanced approach to the role of religious thought and action is to be applauded." - The Ecumenist

"a valuable contribution to our knowledge of British society from 1560 to 1850 and an important aid to understanding the origins of the major social problems [of] our own times." Canadian Theological Society Newsletter

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