Mind of the Anglican Clergy. Assessing Attitudes and Beliefs in the Church of England

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Illustrates the broad diversity of opinion held by Anglican clergy on key issues dividing or uniting the Church of England today, including attitudes toward homosexuality, divorce and foundational beliefs of Christianity. The authors examine the major factors underpinning the diversity of opinion and does so by drawing on three distinctive empirical traditions shaped by the sociology of religion, by the psychology of religion, and by empirical theology.


“Village and Francis have tackled their two research questions with the scientific rigour and statistical expertise that is required within the social sciences. But they have also succeeded in expressing the findings of their scientific enquiry in ways that are accessible and relevant to practical theologians and Church leaders. I hope that a proper attention to the findings of the research presented in this book might lead both to a better understanding of the profound diversity among Anglican clergy, and to greater tolerance and appreciation between those clergy who perceive and express their faith in different ways.” – Prof. Jeff Astley, North of England Institute for Christian Education

“Francis and Village carefully pick their way through the moral issues that confront and divide clergy today. These are carefully described, contextualised by a brief history and reference to data from the public and laity. There is no polemic here, but excellent description that is very helpful in understanding both the issues and how clergy deal with them. Critical factors here have to do with theology, the life experiences of clergy and age. This is social science at its helpful best.”– Prof. Gary D. Bouma, Monash University

“The work includes areas of considerable concern and public interest, such as clergy attitudes toward homosexuality, and is sure to be used and cited widely. It brings a new and carefully researched contribution to the public discussion which is not simply based upon anecdote. This adds real value to this work.” – Prof. Robin Gill, University of Kent

Table of Contents

Foreword by Jeff Astley
1. Introduction
2. The Clergy
3. Beliefs
4. Church
5. Society
6. Morality
7. Homosexuality
8. Education
9. Volunteering
10. Conclusions
Statistical appendix
Name Index
Subject Index

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