Reforming Economics. Calvinist Studies on Methods and Institutions

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The only work that surveys all of the major sub-fields within economics from a Reformed Christian point of view. Proposes a new approach to economics, one that is explicitly normative and based on the concept of stewardship. Considers: the failure of economics to address many current economic problems; the internal failures of current economic theory; problems with the scientific methodology which forms the foundation on which contemporary economists build their work; the application of a Christian scientific methodology to economics; biblical priorities for economic science and economic life; and a Reformed Christian view of the nature of human interactions and its implications for families, firms, unions, governments, and voluntary organizations.


"The authors organize their model of economics in terms of institutions -- the section which occupies sixty per cent of the book. The role of the family, the firm, the union, and the government -- all these are carefully evaluated, and the mutual prerogatives and obligations of these institutions are thoughtfully set forth . . . . The book veers neither to the right nor the left in its ideology. . . . It is not too much to say that, in their call for harmony,justice, and shalom, the authors instill something of joy into a discipline traditionally known as gloomy and dismal." - John J. Timmerman in The Calvin Spark

"The book would be an excellent introductory textbook for an undergraduate course. The authors have written a valuable contribution to the discipline of economics." - David W. Hall in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

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