Quatrain Verse of gast of Gy: A Late Medieval Poem

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This study provides a critical edition of the previously unpublished quatrain version of the Gast of Gy as found in MS Magdalen College, Cambridge Pepys 2125, MS Leeds University Brotherton 501, and MS Tokyo, Takamiya 32. This study provides an extensive introduction charting the relationships among all known Latin and Middle English versions, an edited text of the poem with textual variants and a Latin exemplar, and a full apparatus with textual notes, a glossary, and bibliography.


“The text is clear and readable. The notes are comprehensive and persuasive, and the selective glossary is detailed and inclusive. This critical text of the quatrain version of The Gast of Gy, hitherto unedited, will survive as high mark in the study of this well known story.” – Prof. Eugene J. Crook, Florida State University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Eugene J. Crook
List of Abbreviations
1. The Latin Original, De Spiritu Guidonis
The L-Text
The A-Text
The U-Text
The Q-Text
2. Vernacular Versions
Middle English
Other Vernacular Versions
3. Context
Dating and Authorship
Literary and Historical Background
4. The Quatrain Version
Manuscript Descriptions
Scribal Dialects
The Language of the Archetype
Scribal Practice and Manuscript Affiliations
5. Editorial Procedure
The Quatrain Gast of Gy
Textual Notes and Commentary for De Spiritu Guidonis
Commentary for The Quatrain Gast of Gy
Selective Glossary
General Index
Index of Manuscripts

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