Characters in the Novels of Thomas Love Peacock (1785-1866) with Bibliographical Lists

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A guide to the life and fiction of Thomas Love Peacock: includes an outline chronology of his life; descriptions of the characters in his novels, plays, and fragments; essays on `Peacock on clerics, libraries and his attractive ladies' and `Peacock and Charles Lamb'; recommended introductions to Peacock and a list of his works including recent editions; extensive list of books and magazine articles about him; an Appendix dealing with those contemporaries upon whom Peacock may have based some of his characters, and giving the views of the principal writers on Peacock; Indexes.


"A very useful guide for serious students of Peacock's five novels. . . . Also contains an instructive bibliography of works by and about Peacock." - Nineteenth-Century Literature

"an engaging and unusual book. . . . the material is accurate and very full indeed. . . .all devotees of Peacock will welcome the results of Prance's assiduity, since his book conveys the relish with which he appreciates the fiction as well as many valuable and detailed facts." - Donald Hawes, in AEB NS

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