Psychological Perspectives on Camille Saint-SaËns

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Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface: Foreword; Introduction
1. The Death and Decline of Saint-Saëns
2. Bringing Saint-Saëns Back to Life
3. The Women in Saint-Saëns Life I: Clémence and Charlotte
4. The Women in Saint-Saëns Life II: Augusta
5. Saint-Saëns’ Woman Complex : Seduction, Humiliation; Misogyny
6. The Women in Saint-Saëns Life III: Marie
7. The Death of Clémence
8. The Men in Saint-Saëns Life
9. The Constricted Heart of Camille Saint-Saëns
10. My Love Affair with Saint-Saëns
11. A Saint-Saëns Revival
12. Listening to Saint-Saëns
13. A Final Confession
Afterword: Saint-Saëns in the Desert and – Hollywood?
Bibliography; Index

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