Proposal for the Re-Founding of Nigeria

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This book covers the modalities and strategies of the “re-founding” of Nigeria, relative to the political, socioeconomic and leadership challenges facing Nigeria and its prospects for rebirth in the twenty-first century. The book explores the idea that the African state can be re-founded, conditional on its ability to learn from its history, and that changes to the state are made before significant political, economic, and social development can take place.


“ … Nigeria must commit to a comprehensive and coherent vision of nation building. This vision must be conceived, owned and implemented by an accountable government of the people, by the people and for the people. This should be anchored through broad national consensus and supported by the global community of nations. The central message of this book is: Yes, Nigeria can be re-founded and claim the new century in Africa. This book is highly recommended reading for people interested in Nigeria’s continuing evolution and development.” – (from the Foreword) Professor Felix A. Okojie, Jackson State University

“Dr. `Emeka Nwagwu has endeavored to address those issues which tend to confound the process of Nigeria becoming a democratic nation. He contends that this process is fully intertwined in a variety of critical factors; namely, colonization, political leadership, the country’s socioeconomic problems, religious diversity, and cultural differences … this is a work well worth reading. It will certainly also be the subject of great debate, both in Nigeria and abroad.” – Dr. Ally Mack, Jackson State University

“ … the publication of this work is a must, and everyone interested in Nigeria, who is also willing to listen to new and refreshing political approaches to Africa’s problem of nation-building, must have a copy of and read [this book] … Professor Nwagwu is undeniably not only a scholar but also a man who does not forget that theoretical frameworks are worthless unless they are grounded in reality and can be put to use to solve humanity’s problems.” – Professor Mario Azevedo, Jackson State University

Table of Contents

Foreword by Felix Okojie
1. Introduction and Overview of the Nigerian Debacle
2. Crisis of Leadership
3. Re-Founding the Armed Forces
4. Model of Re-Founding
5. Anatomy of Nigeria’s Economic Problems
6. Re-Founding The Nigerian Economy
7. Cultural Model of Re-Founding
8. Contriteness Model of Re-Founding
9. Postscript
10. Conclusion

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