Promoting Inclusion in Higher Education. The Challenge for Universities in the 21st Century

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Inclusion, equity and diversity are issues on which descriptions, and actions, vary a great deal. The varying descriptions commonly over simplify the scope and importance of these issues. This is especially true on our college and university campuses. These descriptions inform the work to be done and help to determine expectations for those responsible.


“This book will be a valuable and timely addition to higher education administrators’ personal libraries and for use in higher education administration, student personnel, and college teaching classes that address issues of multiculturalism and diversity. As our history reveals, we have come a long way from the narrow, intolerant, biased, prejudices of the past, through affirmative action and national efforts at seeking unity within diversity for our democracy. As the authors note, we continue to have the challenge of eliminating stereotypes detrimental to realizing the full unhindered potential of our marginalized populations. The authors’ contributions to the field of diversity are insightful, and serve as a guide to university administrators’ continued efforts to expand access and opportunity for a more humane learning environment and community. They have examined the role of higher education institutions in a democracy as Henry J. Perkinson did in his The Imperfect Panacea. The authors have raised issues, examined alternative strategies, and provided models for addressing diversity as a compelling educational issue in higher education.” - Prof. James J. Van Patten, University of Arkansas “[This book] is especially valuable for institutions that want to further expand their work in addressing diversity since in this work the authors not only reflect on their own work as leaders in the process but provide advice for implementing change in other settings.” -Prof. Cecilia Silva, Texas Christian University

“This work is invaluable in that the authors also provide possible solutions, or suggestions as to how a campus might address the issue of exclusion . . .” -Prof. Sundiata Djata, Northern Illinois University

Table of Contents

Foreword by James J. Van Patten, Ph.D.
Preface by Robert Darcy, Ph.D.
1. A philosophical Premise for the Work Of Diversity and Inclusion
2. Strategic Planning: One University’s Approach
3. Diversity and Inclusion as a Part of the Academic Enterprise

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