Private Reflections and Opinions of W. H. Hudson (1841-1922), the First Literary Environmentalist

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This work brings together a carefully categorized and thoroughly indexed consolidation of W.H. Hudson’s statements. This book contains three black and white photographs.


“The doyen of Hudson studies has provided a succinct biographical sketch of the great naturalist and memoir writer, and turned the book over to Hudson himself in a series of excerpts from his writings.” - Professor Martha S. Vogeler, California State University Two Peer Reviews: “Dennis Shrubsall, who has done so much to make W.H. Hudson’s life and work better known, has brought to life a new book which will certainly be welcomed by all those interested in this great writer and naturalist, not least because nothing like it has been produced before . . .” - Professor Enrique M.S. Pedrotti, Universidad del Museo Social Argentino

“. . . an excellent companion volume to the assiduously researched material which Dennis Shrubsall has already published on the life and work of W.H. Hudson.” – Professor Laurence Marriot, The University of Northampton

“. . . a wonderful inventory or catalogue raisonné of general and scientific knowledge which amounts to a multilateral definition of an uncommon personality.” - Professor Pierre Coustillas, The University of Lille

Table of Contents

Foreword by Martha S. Vogeler
Biographical Sketch
List of Abbreviations
1. Hudson: of Himself, his Likes and Dislikes
2. Hudson’s Attitudes towards, and Man’s Cruelty to, Animals
3. Of Mankind: their Foibles, Habits and Disabilities
4. Of Children and Childhood
5. Of Religion, Mysticism, Places of Worship, Clerics and Nuns
6. Of Human Habitations, Countryside and Landscape
7. Of Natural History, Nature, Naturalists and Darwin’s Evolutionary Theory
8. Of Birds and Beauty
9. Of Wildlife Generally including Reptiles, Insects, Flora, Dogs and Hunting
10. Of Freedom and Restraint
11. Of Books, Writers, Readers, Poets and Poetry
12. Of Art, Artists, Photography and Music Bibliography
Subject/Topic Index
Index to Sources

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