Autobiography of a Mid-Western Methodist Woman (b. 1953). What It Was Like to Be an American in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century

Author: Beck, Martha C.
The spiritual odyssey of a woman whose personal experiences offer insights into the ideas and values of the progressive Christian tradition, and of the classical philosophers, most notably Plato and Aristotle. This book contains thirty-five black and white photographs.


“Martha Beck . . . consistently explores connections between philosophy and theology . . . and links the theoretical issues in metaphysics ethics, and aesthetics, to each other and in her daily life.” - Prof. Carol Schersten LaHurd, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

“It is a remarkably candid, personal, and thoughtful memoir.” - Prof. Joseph N. Uemura, Hamline University

Table of Contents

Preface by Carol Schersten LaHurd
Foreword by Joseph N. Uemura
1. The Person I was before Moving to St. Cloud
2. Growing Up in St. Cloud
3. 1968-1971: High School: To Everything there is a Season
4. College
5. Transferring Schools
6. Graduate School at MBC
7. On the Home Front
8. Changes
9. Teaching in Arkansas at Lyon College
10. My Children’s Lives