Politics of Peripheral Shopping Centre Development in Northwest Europe in the 1990s. The Cases of Manchester, Amsterdam, and Oberhausen

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A contribution to the literature on retail planning and the circumvention of
national policies by local authorities.


“. . . David Evers is able to draw important conclusions about the relative power of and influence of the parties involved [in the development process] and how this relates to political and administrative arrangements. From these discussions we also learn a lot about similarities and differences between the planning systems in Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain. . . . It is an important addition to the sparse literature on retail planning.” – Prof. Cliff Guy, Cardiff University

“. . . a most timely contribution to the topic. Using the new institutionalist approach the study is able to present a refreshing picture of how the relevant stakeholders operate within a specific policy environment. The book also has the merit of producing a rigorous cross-disciplinary theoretical foundation and at the same time presents a convincing picture of retail developments as they take place in the real world.” - Prof. Johan G. Borchert, Utrecht University

“. . . a remarkable work of scholarship. . . . Anyone with a desire to understand the roots of our built retail environment should study this text with interest.” - Prof. Allan Hallsworth, University of Surrey

Table of Contents

List of Tables and Figures
Foreword by Cliff Guy
A Note on Sources and Abbreviations
1. Introduction
2. Retail Development
3. Theoretical Framework
4. Case Study Oberhausen
5. Case Study Manchester
6. Case Study Amsterdam
7. Conclusions
Interviews and Discussions
Subject Index

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