Poetry of Mary Barber (?1690-1757)

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The poems of Mary Barber have been transcribed from the 1734 edition of Poems on Several Occasions in the Bodleian Library. This is the quarto edition published by Samuel Richardson who was also a subscriber. The original spelling, punctuation and capitalization have been retained and, as far as possible, the emphases of the original. These poems enlarge for the 20th-century reader not only the body of 18th-century poetry, but also help balance the often frivolous and cynical view presented by the male poets of the period. In addition, for those interested in the complex personality of Jonathon Swift, Mary Barber and her poems throw new light on the Dean's supposed misogyny.


". . . an early and much-needed response to the challenge of producing accessible and scholarly modern texts. . . . This welcome new edition gives an opportunity previously available only in a few major libraries to study her work in detail and at length. . . . This new edition not only enables but invites rethinking both of her role as a writer and of her value." - Bill Overton

"Tucker's Introduction to his edition is enlivened by a dry humour. He makes no extravagant claims for the quality of Mary Barber's verse, but he fairly displays its distinctive topics and tones. . . . An edition of this interesting, distinctive, and talented woman poet is well worth having." - Prof. A. J. Sambrook

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