T. S. Eliot on Shakespeare

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This is the first book to survey all of Eliot's writing about Shakespeare. In addition to the well-known essays, it includes unreprinted articles for periodicals, talks for the BBC, contributions to books that are now out of print, and most importantly, a set of lectures given in 1937 and 1941 which were never published and exist only in typescript. It shows the unfolding of Eliot's ideas on Shakespeare and their relation to important general issues in Eliot's literary criticism. It also deals with the issue of Shakespeare in Eliot's poetry. Includes an appendix describing the Shakespeare-related articles and reviews by other writers which Eliot published as editor of the Criterion; a complete bibliography; and an index of names and critical topics.


"A really useful and interesting bonus is Warren's annotated appendix, "Criterion Writing by Others than Eliot on Shakespeare and Related Subjects." There are eighty-two items from the Criterion's seventeen year career, and the titles and topics alone make up a capsule history of Shakespeare scholarship and criticism between 1922 and 1939." - Arts and Letters

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