Poetic Style of the Greek Poet Sappho: A Study in Word Playfulnessthe Poetic Style of the Greek Poet Sappho: A Study in Word Playfulness

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This book argues that Sappho’s style is characteristically playful, and that this is probably the best explanation for some problematic features of her text.


“Zellner leads us to a new understanding of Sappho and her work. No previously published book focuses at length, as this one does, on the rhetorical and logical structures built into a number of Sappho’s poems.” – Prof. Edmund P. Cueva, University of Houston

“The perspective argues here is original, and the presentation is clear and accessible. The resulting text, built on case studies of the poems, is attractive and lively, and will be widely read and valued.” – Dr. Kent Rigsby, Ph.D., Harvard University

“. . . provides an original, interesting, and well-informed perspective on the very fragmentary but fascinating poetic corpus of Sappho.” – Prof. Deborah Boedeker, Brown University

"... that it may change our vision of Sappho. So much excellent work has been done in recent decades on this poet, and from many different perspectives: papyrological and textual; feminist; performance context, reception, queer studies; philological. This is something new. ... a valuable and novel interdisciplinary endeavor." -- Prof. Laurie O'Higgins, Bates College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Edmund P. Cueva
1. Sappho’s Wordplay
2. Sapphic Humor
3. Sapphic Rhetoric
4. Sapphic Rhetoric, Continued
5. Sappho’s Games of Love
6. Concluding Remarks
Appendix – Gongyla, the Apple, and the Papyrus Evidence
Names of Persons and Places Subject Index
Ancient Authors Cited

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