Poems of JosÉ BergamÍn, 1895-1983 Echoes of a Distant Sea

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A selective translation of 112 poems taken from Bergamín's poetry, which has only recently received its deserved recognition and acclaim. Bergamín, a contemporary of Lorca and Aleixandre, has been known primarily for his essays and literary criticism. Late in his life, however, his poetry was rediscovered, leading to two major prizes, republication of nearly all of his nine volumes of poetry, and widespread recognition of his prominent place among the group of poets known as the "Generation of 1927."


"Professor Garrison has singlehandedly assumed the daunting responsibility of making Bergamín's poetry known to an English-speaking public and he has done a fine job. . . . His solution [to translation difficulties] is undoubtedly the most effective one: translating into free verse while exploiting the rhythmic potential provided by the raw material in English. The result is verse that deftly maintains the limpid, understated, hushed, conversational fluidity of the originals. . . . this is a helpful and valuable book. As well as the informative Introduction, the book also contains some fine illustrations by David Leach and a personal reminiscence by Willis Barnstone who met the poet in 1962 and who captures to great effect the impact Bergamín was capable of having on those that came into direct contact with him." - Nigel Dennis

"The first observation that must be made concerning David Garrison's book is its enormous importance and the great service it provides for readers of poetry. . . . he has captured the essence of the man and his work. A leisurely comparison of the Spanish and English reveals an adept rendering of the original, a reverent, accurate portrayal of Bergamín's structures and intentions. The addition of a prose poem and aphorisms rounds out the body of poetry selected for the volume." - World Literature Today

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