Plato's Dialogues - The Dialogical Approach

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The essays in this volume were specially planned and solicited because of their various contributions to a dialogical reading of the Platonic dialogues. Emphasis on the dialogical is a way of advocating an approach that appreciates the dialogues in their witty humorousness, their irony, their literary richness and historical allusiveness. The work also deals ultimately with the question of the compatibility, or incompatibility of the dogmatic or doctrinal approach to the dialogues.

Table of Contents

Essays include:
The Dialogical Mode in Modern Plato Studies (Gerald A. Press)
Orality, Literacy, and the Dialogue-Form (Kevin Robb)
The Son of Apollo Explicated: Plato's Wit, His Irony, and Dialogism (Victorino Tejera)
Plato's Style: Temporal, Dramatic and Semantic Levels in the Dialogues (H. S. Thayer)
Plato's Non-Socratic Narrations of Socratic Conversation (Ronna Burger)
On the Hippias Minor: Achilles, Odysseus, Socrates (James Haden)
Tensions in the Phaedrus: Dialogue and Dialectic, Speech and Writing (P. Christopher Smith)
Socratic Hermeneutics, Socratic Fantasies (Angelo Juffras)
Arguing and Suggesting Within a Platonic Dialogue: Towards a Typology (Livio Rossetti)
How Compatible are the Dialogical and Doctrinal Approaches to Plato's Dialogues? (Victorino Tejera)

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