Constitution of the Lacedaemonians by Xenophon of Athens

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This work is a new critical text of The Constitution of the Lacedaemonians, written in the fourth century B.C. by Xenophon of Athens, based upon collations of the two best manuscript witnesses presently extant. Each page of Greek text is faced with an idiomatic English translation, and the author provides as a testamonia a collation of the text of excerpts made by the Byzantine scholar Joannes Stobaeus, and a new translation of Plutarch’s Life of Lycurgus, which serves as a helpful commentary to Xenophon’s work. Unlike earlier critical editions of the The Constitution of the Lacedaemonians of Xenophon, which have been established upon an imperfect understanding of relationships between extant manuscript witnesses, resulting in the adoption of unworthy text readings and an overly stocked critical apparatus, this present edition seeks to present a text based upon Vaticanus gr. 1335 and Marcianus gr. 511, keeping as close as possible to the text offered in these codices and ignoring many of the changes offered by modern scholars who suspect more deterioration of the transmitted text than seems likely.


“The most significant achievement in Dr. Jackson’s new edition is the soundness of the Greek text, which is based upon the most recent scholarship about the textual tradition ... Dr. Jackson’s translation is elegant and accessible, and he has succeeded in rendering Xenophon’s unadorned Attic Greek into American English ... this new edition of the Constitution of the Lacedaemonians is a mature work by a scholar who is well versed with the author, and it promises to be the new critical edition that has been widely awaited.” – Professor Mark. L. Sowers, North Carolina State University

“...a considerable advancement over other texts presently on the market. Recent editions of this book have been slow to incorporate contemporary scholarship, which has greatly clarified the relationship, and the differences in importance, between surviving manuscripts of Xenophon. Dr. Jackson now presents us with a thoroughly emended text that embodies the best of contemporary scholarship, and he accompanies it with an English translation that is both graceful and far more accurate than other facing-page editions now in print. This is a volume that belongs on every Hellenist’s bookshelf.” –Ralph E. Doty, Chair, Department of Classics, University of Oklahoma

Table of Contents

1. Preface 2. Introduction
3. Conspectus Siglorum
4. Xenophon, Constitution of the Lacedaemonians, Text & Translation
5. Glossary
6. Supplementary Critical Apparatus
7. Joannes Stobaeus on the Constitution
8. Plutarch, Life of Lycurgus
9. Critical Bibliography

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