Pioneering Research in Forensic Science: Readings From the Primary Source Literature

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This work is the first forensic science anthology to consolidate landmark primary source documents into one volume.


". . . offers students, scholars, practitioners, and the general reading public general as well, a fascinating and well-documented retrospective that is sure to satisfy the curiosity of anyone interested in the development of the historical knowledge base of forensic science during its formative years in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. From Murder & the Microscope (1856) to The Medical Detective and His Work (1898), readers will find an interesting, entertaining, and informative selection of period literature on a wide range of forensic science topics—including forensic chemistry, questioned document analysis, forensic photography, dactyloscopy, and the morgue—that add an historical perspective which is often missing from contemporary textbooks. The great trailblazers are all here— Aphonse Bertillon, Edmond Locard, Persifor Frazer, Marshall D. Ewell, Calvin Hooker Goddard, and others—all pioneers who forged the foundation for the emergence of the discipline of forensic science as an invaluable tool in the search for truth and justice.” – Prof. Don Jacobs, Chairman, Weatherford College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Charles Parker, CLPE, Historian, Texas Division of the International Association for Identification

I. Scientific Methodologies Applied to Crime Detection
A. The Rise of Forensic Science
B. Forensic Microscopy
C. Forensic Chemistry
D. Questioned Document Analysis
E. Photography

II. Personal Identification and Description
A. The Morgue
B. Bertillonage (or “Police Anthropometry”)
C. Dactyloscopy

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