Conversations with Male Inmates at Indiana State Prison Concerning Education and Its Rehabilitative Effects

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The purpose for this collection of essays is to influence the development of prison education programs and to sway educators and researchers to see the possibilities of working together through consistent, rational public policy for successful rehabilitation. Opening educational opportunities for those people in prison has been proven successful, and yet our society and lawmakers refuse to see the corollary between recidivism rates and education. Without an effective dialogue, we cannot begin to address the problem. The men who have written for this book do so with the hope that they can participate in a national debate about the causes and the effects the prison culture has upon the incarcerated. They hope their experiences with education can speak for the hundreds of thousands of other prisoners who do not have access to a public forum, who are intimidated into silence by the prison machinery, who are not literate enough to express themselves. They hope that their offerings here can, in some small way, contribute to reducing the suffering and frustration that hamper the rehabilitation of others in the system and to educate the public community about the prison culture of America.


“The reader will find examples of the works of offenders. You will be impressed by the quality of writings. You would be even more impressed if you knew the background of each writer and how far each has come to be able to produce the quality of work contained in this book.”- Dr. Edward Bednar, Purdue University North Central

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface, Introduction
1. Education and its Impact on Education
2. Writings of the Soul: Religious Education
3. “When the Prison Gates Slam Shut….”
4. Poetry, Prose, and Humor from Hell
5. Rehabilitating Misconceptions
Notes on the Writers Behind the Walls
Bibliography, Index

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