Piano Teaching of Walter Hautzig, with 613 Examples From Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, and Chopin

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Examines the teaching of Professor Hautzig, which continues the Romantic piano tradition of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century Europe, and stresses individuality allied with faithfulness to the score. This book contains four black and white photographs.


“Reading this fascinating and inspiring book is like attending days of master classes, but at home in the comfort of your favorite chair. And you can wander to the piano at any moment to try out a passage that interests you. . . . I know that I will be referring to this book often in my teaching: Hautzig's insights are worth reading over and over again. I wonder what inspiration might await us if other enterprising students follow Rice-See's lead and document the teaching of more of our great artists.” – Clavier Companion

“Pianists will do well to follow Walter Hautzig’s example, the method by which music can inspire, heal, excite, and transform.” - Mr. Peter B. Goodrich, Steinway & Sons

“Not only is Rice-See’s work a tribute to a great artist and a glimpse into a bygone era, but it is truly a practical reference guide for the present and the future.” – Prof. Andrew Cooperstock, University of Colorado at Boulder

“. . . one of the most helpful and practical volumes available. . . . In the first chapter, Rice-See states that “much of the magic of Hautzig’s teaching is psychological: the student leaves each lesson able to do things previously impossible, and feeling more capable and talented than before.” This volume, in addition to its sheer practicality, will allow some of Hautzig’s inspirational teaching to reach a much larger audience.” - Prof. Jerome Reed, Lipscomb University

"This book is a compilation of Hautzig's teaching ideas on selected pieces of Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, and Chopin, which were compiled by Hautzig student, Dr. Lynn Rice-See, over a period often years. Serious pianists are the richer for this volume, which is unique in that it is sparse in biographical details, but wealthy in ideas that should be read slowly with musical scores in hand and totally absorbed. Throughout history, pianist/scholars have described the teaching of Liszt or Chopin, so to have detailed information from a direct link to nineteenth century performance practice is a valuable resource indeed. . . .This is a book for every serious pianist to keep on the piano for reference for practice ideas. It will be a permanent fixture on mine." - Piano Guild Notes

Table of Contents

Foreword by Peter Goodrich
1. Meet Walter Hautzig
2. Beethoven, the First Romantic
3. Schubert, the Lyricist
4. Schumann, the Storyteller
5. Chopin, the Eternal Poet

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