Understanding Singers with Muscular Tension Dysphonia

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Muscular Tension Dysphonia (MTD) is a type of voice disorder that commonly occurs in singers. "This study suggests seven breathing exercises, ten vocal warmup exercises, and twelve body relaxation exercises to help singers with MTD improve their vocal techniques. In addition, it examines factors in selecting repertoire for singers with MTD to help singers with MTD improve their vocal techniques. This work fills a gap in voice pedagogy and serves as a valuable resource for voice teachers who have students with MTD." -Dr. Soo-Jin Lee

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
A. Muscular Tension Dysphonia (MTD)
B. Personal Experience with MTD
C. Significance of the Study
II. Review of Literature
A. Symptoms and Treatment of MTD
B. Relationship of Breath Support and Posture for Singers with MTD
III. Teaching Approach for Singers with MTD
A. Types of MTD
B. Teaching Guides for Singers with MTD
IV. Suggested Exercises and Repertoire Selections for Singers with MTD
A. Vocal Training Methods for Singers with MTD
1. Breathing Exercises for Strengthening Abdomen Muscles
2. Suggested Vocal Warm-up Exercises for Singers with MTD
B. Considerations for Selecting Repertoire and Practice Suggestions for Singers with MTD
V. Conclusion
A. Summary of Study
B. Suggestions for Future Research

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