Perspectives on Foreign Language Immersion Programs

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This volume examines immersion programs from several perspectives: historical, pedagogical, research, case study, and policy, providing a more comprehensive picture of them than is currently available. It also adds the voices of teachers and students in immersion programs, and suggests areas in which further research would be beneficial.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings)
1. The Historical Perspective (Faculty Psychology and Language Pedagogy; Behaviorist Approaches; Cognitive Theory; Humanistic Approaches)
2. The Pedagogical Perspective (Immersion Programs as Bilingual Education; Current Models)
3. The Research Perspective (Speaking, Listening; Reading; Writing; Psycholinguistic Studies; Sociolinguistic Studies)
4. The Case Study Perspective (Independence Elementary School; Midwest Spanish Immersion Center)
5. The Policy Perspective (Demographics; Educational Policy; Heritage Language Programs, Conclusions)
Bibliography; Index

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