Bilingualism and American National Unity

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This book looks at adult learners of English from several perspectives, and puts this unique group of learners into the larger language-learning context, beginning with a discussion of the situation of multilingualism and language learning in the U.S. and in international communities. It then builds a background for understanding the adult English as a Second Language (ESL) learner, then it outlines and describes the authors’ model of bilingualism, then the various approaches and topics on ESL instruction are discussed, then a discussion on the ESL learner in the workplace follows. The book ends with an argument that multilingualism is becoming the norm, rather than the exception, in today’s global society.


“ ... Margot Kinberg and Peter Serdyukov have written a groundbreaking text on a topic that cuts across the pedagogical, political and social strata of the early 21st century American reality. …their book … delves into the theory, practice and reality of three distinct methodological approaches in the field of language acquisition.” –(from the Preface) Professor Mark E. Ryan, Walden University

“Though many educational researchers are adept at providing descriptions and analyses of the complexities of bilingualism in the United States, few take it to the next level . . . By taking an expansive approach towards bilingual education from the classroom to the workplace, Dr. Kinberg and Dr. Serdyukov offer explicit ways to direct our efforts in order to attain a pluralistic American society that will not only survive, but also thrive well into this century.” – Professor Robyn A. Hill, National University

"... a seminal contribution of exceptional scholarship." -- James A. Cox

Table of Contents

Preface by Mark E. Ryan
1. Bilingualism and Multilingualism in the World
2. Theoretical Models of Bilingualism
3. ESL Theory and Practice
4. Bilingualism and Second Language Instruction in the Workplace

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