Perspectives and Challenges in the Development of Sudanese Studies

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The collection of papers in this volume identifies the areas of strength in Sudanese studies both in the Sudan and in Germany, and points to the direction future research should take in order to fill gaps in our knowledge, especially with regard to the origin of Nubian languages. More importantly, the book tackles some of the problems facing Sudan: its financial relations with the World Bank; the difficulties with its regional development projects; the questions of drought, famine and refugees; and the problem of Sudanese identity, more specifically how the search for a Sudanese identity impinges on the north-south conflict, and the extent to which the historical experiences of the Sudanese people have complicated this conflict.

Table of Contents



Ismail Abdalla

The State of Sudanese Studies


I: Sudanese Studies in the Sudan

Mohammad Omer Bashir

II: Sudanese Studies in Germany

Ulrich Braukamper

III: Research on Nubian Languages

Angelina Jakobi

IV: Studies of Sudanese Law

Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban

V: The Sudanese Battalion in Mexico, 1863-1867

Richard Hill

Environment, Famine and Refugees

VI: The Problem of Drought

Mohammad B. Ibrahim

VII: The Refugee Situation in Sudan

Hassan A. Musa


VIII: Washington Wisdom vs. Africa Folly: The World Bank and the Sudan Economy

Ali Abdel Gadir

IX: Developing Rural Areas in North Kordofan

C. Milton Coughour


X: Sudan and Africa

Peter Woodward

XI: Hurrying Home: Sudanisation and National Intregration

David Sconyers

XII: Changing Factors in Ethnic Relations

Sayyid Hurreiz

XIII: Problems of National Intregration

Mon K.N. Arou

XIV: The Cultural Question in the New Sudan Discourse

Ushari Mahmoud


XV: A Subjective Development-Oriented Approach to African Literary Discussion: The Case of Tayeb Salih

Taban Lo Liyong



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