Educational Philosophy of Abraham Flexner

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This study elucidates the educational thought of Abraham Flexner, investigating the application and efficacy of his thought in the development of medical education, and determining his contemporary relevance. The author, in the spirit of the 1910 Flexner Report, seeks to yield information central to both curriculum and ethical definition in medicine.


“Marc H. Zelenka is uniquely qualified to offer this insightful reexamination of Abraham Flexner’s influence on medical education. ... Readers who seek a broad understanding of both the development of medical education and its current state will find this richly documented study a superb place to start.” – Dr. B. Edward McClellan, Professor Emeritus, History of American Education, Indiana University

Table of Contents

Foreword by B. Edward McClellan
1 Historical and Context: Education and Work of Abraham Flexner
2 Development of Prescription for a Profession: Educational Ideas in the Literature of Abraham Flexner
3 A Psycholography
4 Bulletin Number Four
5 The Wake of the Report
6 The Currency of Medical Education
7 Great Expectations: Educational
Implications from Population Expectations of Medical Practice
8 Humanism in the Context of Scientism
9 Summation and Conclusion
Appendix A – Random Sample of Fifty United State Medical Schools
Appendix B – What Counts as an Educated Physician? Possible Implications for Medical Education Drawn from Expectations of the Recipients of the Practice of Medicine

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