Performance-Based Evaluation for Certicated and Non-Certificated School Personnel: Standards, Criteria, Indicators, Models

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Based on the common standards established by the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISLLC) this monograph will provide both beginning and practicing administrators with models of performance-based evaluations.


“This book is an invaluable resource for educators who wish to evaluate the performances of their school personnel using a standard criteria that will facilitate communications and help identify what are the expectations of the job…. This book can strengthen this process by providing performance standards that can help reduce crisis management, provide specific visions of job performance and give the school community a standard for measuring success. It also provides performance standards that are ready to be used or can be easily adapted to meet a school district’s evaluation system”
-Robert Webb

“…a very practical instrument and one which is needed by school districts. With its utilization, school districts can implement a fair and helpful evaluation process that will guide individuals to perform at a desired level and ensure that all our students are learning….As Superintendent of Schools, I would use this document to guide my district’s administrators and staff as to what is truly important in our district, which is student achievement….This model will enable administrators to know where teachers are with respect to curriculum, observe teachers using a variety of strategies, observe students learning and performing, observe the total operations of the building and create high administrator and supervisor visibility.”
-Arnold E. Bell

Table of Contents

1. Performance Based Administrator Evaluation Model
2. Certificated Staff Evaluation Model (Instructional Staff/Librarian / School Counselor)
3. Non-Certificated Evaluation Model (Nurse / Custodial / Maintenance / Clerical / Aides / Bus Drivers / Food Service)

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