Patterns of Redemption in the Fourth Gospel. An Experiment in Structural Analysis

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The analysis of the textual structuring of the Fourth Gospel leads directly to the issue of its exegetical import. It is part of the theory and practice of concentric compositions that the structures exist in order to underline basic thematic concerns: the choice of form sets up a system of points of emphasis and points that are linked through some kind of correspondence. Thematic analysis shows that 21 large concentric compositions, arranged symmetrically, are organized in a prologue and seven parts, around two main themes of Jesus as the New Temple and Jesus as the Light and Life of the World.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. The Rhetoric of the Fourth Gospel: Concentric Composition in the Semitic/Biblical Tradition; Greek/Aristotelian and Semitic/Biblical Uses of Symbolic Language; Concentric Composition of the Fourth Gospel
2. Brief Survey of Relevant Research: Defining the Literary Structure of the Fourth Gospel; Theme of the New Temple in Johannine Research; On the Background for the Theme of the New Temple; Defining the Task.
3. Introductory Sections: Sequences 1 - 4, John 1:1-4:54 - Jesus as the New Tabernacle. Jesus Promises a New Relationship to God. The Universal Need for a New Relationship to God.
4. The Public Ministry of Jesus: Sequences 5-7, John 5:1-7:52 - Initial Confrontation with the Jews. Jesus as the Light and Life of the World. 'Having a Part with Jesus'
5. Jesus Fulfils His Soteriological Ministry: Sequences 18-21, John 18:1-21:25 - Jesus Dies for the People. The Narrative of the Passion. Jesus Fulfils His Promise
Conclusion: The Textual Structure; The Evangelist's Rhetoric; The Unified Theme; Johannine Soteriology; Function of the Main Theme; Function of the Nine Concepts Heralded in the Prologue
Appendix A: What is the Original Reading of John 1:13?
Appendix B: C. H. Charlesworth's Monograph, The Beloved Disciple
Appendix C: Questions that Await Answers
Marginal Diagrams Showing the Concentric Structures
Bibliography, Index of Modern Authors, Index of Themes

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